Consultant- Field Office Director (Yangon, Myanmar)

The Carter Center, Democracy Program
Yangon, Myanmar

The Carter Center is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.

The Carter Center is seeking a highly-qualified individual to serve as Field Office Director (FOD) for the Center’s office in Yangon, Myanmar. The successful candidate for this independent contract position will manage the Center’s projects to support democracy and governance in Myanmar in the lead up to general elections anticipated in 2020. The position will be from May 2017 for a period of one year, pending the availability of funds, with the possibility of extension.

Applicants should have a minimum of seven years of senior level experience developing and implementing election observation missions, or democracy and governance programs, ideally in Myanmar, the South-East Asia region or comparable countries in transition. The successful candidate will possess strong program and personnel management skills, and an ability to work effectively leading a diverse team. S/he should be highly organized, able to work under pressure of tight deadlines when necessary, and possesses strong writing and communication skills. S/he will be knowledgeable about the political context and electoral environment in Myanmar. Proficiency in Burmese language is preferred, but not required. A positive attitude and competence with computer applications is required. Salary is commensurate with experience.
Primary responsibilities of the Field Director position include:

A. Represent The Carter Center in Myanmar.

B. Establish and maintain ongoing liaison with government officials, electoral commission representatives, political party leaders and candidates, NGO and civil society leaders, domestic election observation groups, security officials, media, and the diplomatic and donor community as appropriate.

C. Provide political and electoral analysis to The Carter Center on programmatic, operational, and substantive issues. Key points should be included in regular  written reports (weekly), update memos, and oral briefings as needed to the Center’s Atlanta staff.

D. Conduct assessments and report on the political and electoral environment and other issues as required.

E. Oversee necessary arrangements regarding the logistical, technical, operational, and security requirements of the field office, staff, consultants and observers.

F. Develop and oversee field office policies and procedures relating to staff, office, computer use, requests for transportation, communications, etc.

G. Oversee the recruitment and management of field office staff.

H. Support organization and implementation of election follow up activities, as needed.

I. Participate in the identification and design of new projects in Myanmar.

J. Identify potential partner organizations and liaise with representatives of partner organizations to ensure collaborative implementation of joint programming.

K. As necessary in the event of deployment of observers, direct and supervise field staff and/or long-term observer teams, working in concert with the Center’s   Atlanta staff and project consultants. Oversee development of observer deployment plans and logistical preparations for observation, including:

  • Review and approve list of possible observer deployment sites, travel logistics, communication strategies, security concerns, and other logistical and programmatic issues.
  • Oversee design and implementation of an observer transportation system, including securing adequate airline reservations, vehicles/drivers, fuel, and other, as needed for in-country transportation.
  • Oversee planning and implementation of an observer communication/reporting system, including telephones, radios, and other equipment as needed, to support observer field reports to the Carter Center Field Office.
  • Maintain ongoing liaison with observer teams to ensure that their needs are met and there is constant two-way communication flowing between the HQ office and the observers.

L. Maintain fiduciary responsibility for all field office project funds in accordance with budget limitations and donor grant requirements. Supervise field office financial reporting to ensure appropriate management and monitoring of field office operational funds in accordance with Carter Center procedures, including completion of field office monthly financial reports. Become a signatory on Carter Center bank accounts as necessary.

M. Participate in Carter Center press conferences, interviews, or other media events, in coordination with Atlanta staff.

N. Assume lead role in drafting or overseeing drafting of Carter Center press releases, statements, reports and briefing materials (in English), as needed in consultation with the Center’s Atlanta staff.

O. Remain available for consultation (phone or email) until relevant statements and reports are published.

P. Complete other program design and implementation duties, as needed.

Please send cover letter, CV, dates of availability, and a list of references with subject line “Myanmar Field Office Director” to:
Jonathan Stonestreet
Associate Director
The Carter Center

Note: As this is an international mission, Myanmar nationals are not eligible to serve as Field Office Director. Due to the large volume of applicants, only those candidates selected for an interview or additional consideration will be notified by the Center, no phone calls please.