Recruitment of a short-term consultant to conduct an assessment and develop a strategy for a Carter Center approach to climate change in peace, democracy, human rights, and rule of law programming (Remote)

I. Background

For almost 40 years, The Carter Center Peace Programs have been at the forefront of advancing peace, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. However, the global landscape is changing rapidly. Rising authoritarianism, disinformation, growing inequality, pandemic shocks, climate change, and unregulated migration are among the more obvious manifestations. Coherent and innovative approaches are essential to meet the current set of challenges.

According to OHCHR, “Climate change threatens the effective enjoyment of a range of human rights including those to life, water and sanitation, food, health, housing, self-determination, culture and development. States have a human rights obligation to prevent the foreseeable adverse effects of climate change and ensure that those affected by it, particularly those in vulnerable situations, have access to effective remedies and means of adaptation to enjoy lives of human dignity.”

Recognizing that climate change poses an existential threat to millions of people around the world, and in line with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on climate change, which includes promoting a human rights-based approach to climate action, The Carter Center is committed to integrating climate change and climate justice into its programming.

The Center is seeking ways in which to integrate climate action into our regular and future programs through collaboration on legal reform related to climate action; supporting our partners in the field on environmental concerns; amplifying climate advocacy through human rights mechanisms; supporting climate rights defenders through our long-standing human rights defender program; and conducting intersectional research on the impact of climate harm on individuals’ resilience, physical and mental health.

The consultant(s) will explore areas in which the Carter Center peace, democracy, human rights, and  rule of law programming could engage on climate issues within its current work and in the future, with a special focus on the donor landscape. The consultant(s) will present this information in a written report and in a presentation to Carter Center staff.

II.      Objective

Under the supervision of the Vice President for Peace Programs, and in coordination with the Directors of the Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Democracy and Rule of Law programs, the consultant(s) will be responsible for assisting in the design of a program addressing Climate Change/Justice/Rights across the

intersection of the four Peace pillars of Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Democracy, and Rule of Law, as well as at the intersection of these programs and the Health programs.

III.    Deliverables and Timeframes

The LOE for this assignment is 20 working days over 42 days starting upon contract signing, as follows:

DeliverableLOEDue date (business days after contract is signed)
Detailed workplan including bibliography and approach to desk review and a list of internal and external interviews with a tentative timeline for completion1 day7 days
Interview guide for internal and external stakeholders1 day10 days
Report template/structure outlining the structure for the report prior to drafting the final product.1 day12 days
Final report not to exceed 40 pages report incorporating:   Global (including US) trends/challenges and current programs in the climate sector, including gaps.The Carter Center past and current programming in climate;Specific programmatic opportunities for The Carter Center in the climate sector (including funding opportunities).Specific internal opportunities for the Carter Center to address climate change at the institutional level.2-3 country assessments that illustrate the global trends/challenges detailed above and possible Carter Center opportunities13 days30 days
Present the final deliverable to Carter Center (Human Rights Program and other) leadership and facilitate a conversation on developing proposed programming options (during the last week of the consultancy).2 daysDuring days 31-40
Incorporate any feedback/suggestions from leadership into the report.2 daysDays 41 and 42

IV.    Qualifications/Competencies

  • Advanced degree in environmental studies, environmental law, sustainability, or related field.
  • At least 5 years (10 years preferred) of relevant work experience at the intersection of climate change/climate justice and development, peace, democracy, human rights, or rule of law; relevant work and/or transferable experience in fundraising for non-profit organizations.
  • Strong relationships and networks including relevant work experience with government, NGOs, including with relevant donors and implementers in the field of climate.
  • Proven track record as an impactful program design consultant with examples of reports and strong references.
  • Strong analytical and writing skills with proven skills in policy recommendations and problem identification and solving.

V.      Selection Criteria

Interested applicants should submit a technical proposal that combines all the below into one document:

  • A CV, which should be no more than THREE pages
    • TWO-page proposal outlining how their experience satisfies the requirements and will result in the successful achievement of the aims of this consultancy
    • No more than TEN pages of sample(s) of their own previous work. Samples of relevant work include reports, strategic plans, and funding proposals. Samples should clearly indicate the applicant’s role in designing, delivering, and drafting the product.

Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. The evaluation criteria are:

CategoryMaximum Score
Proposed technical approach40
Demonstrated experience supported by samples of relevant work30
Interview (only for short-listed candidates)20
Financial proposal10

Interested applicants should submit their applications at this link by August 5, 2022.

Questions can be directed to