The Carter Center (Center) seeks applications from U.S. media firms, civil society organizations (CSOs), or individual filmmakers to produce up to 4 visually appealing and compelling video shorts on key electoral issues or topics, which will identified by the Center in collaboration with the successful applicant. The finished video shorts will aim to increase understanding of the legal and ethical principles that shape our elections and protect our democracy. The video shorts should serve as a “call to action,” motivating viewers to participate in or support.

The Center will issue one award up to $40,000 to a single U.S. media firm, CSO, or individual filmmaker firm/organization. The Center encourages Applicants that have shown a commitment to advancing and promoting democratic principles and the rule of law to apply.

Working in partnership with the Center, the successful applicant will develop and complete no more than four (4) compelling video shorts on key electoral topics, which can be viewed alone or in conjunction with Center-designed legal education courses. Video shorts must meet the quality and content standards exemplified in the Center’s other video products. The Center will post the completed video shorts on its website and other appropriate locations, for use in presentations, programming, and for the Center’s partners for use.

Illustrative examples of video short topics include:

  • Ranked-choice voting
  • Encouraging enfranchisement and exercise of the right to vote
  • Fairness in redistricting
  • Countering electoral misinformation

An illustrative example of the level of quality and content expected can be found here:


The successful applicant will provide the following deliverables according to the following timeline:

  • June 5:             Submission of first script/storyboard for the Center’s feedback.
  • June 15:           First cut of one video short for the Center’s feedback.
  • June 29:           Final cut of one video short delivered to the Center.
  • July 13:            Final scripts/storyboards of remaining three video shorts submitted for Center comments and feedback.
  • August 3:         First cut of remaining three video shorts submitted for the Center’s feedback.
  • August 24:       Final cut of remaining three video shorts delivered to the Center.

Application Instructions

Required Submission

Interested applicants should provide a single package of no more than 15 pages that includes:

  1. Overview: The Applicant should provide brief background and past experience of the media firm, CSO, or individual filmmaker (one page maximum).
  2. Technical approach: In up to 4 pages, clearly state the following:
    • Identify what will be done, noting proposed topics to be addressed, number of video shorts, proposed video format, including length and style;
    • Note what knowledge gaps the proposed video shorts will address; and
    • A proposed schedule of when and where the video shorts will be created, an editing schedule, with provisions for Center input on the final video products.
  3. Provide a treatment, storyboard or character sketch for one of the video shorts.
  4. Past work: The Applicant should provide links or digital copies to their previous original scripts, animations, and/or video shorts that best illustrate how the Applicant will approach this assignment.

Deadline and Address

Materials must be sent to by May 23, 2023, by 5:00 pm EDT.

Proposal Scoring

Proposals will be scored as follows:

NoEvaluation CriteriaWeighting
1Past Experience: Relevance of the Applicant’s past experience.30
2Proposed approach: Relevance and feasibility of the applicant’s proposed methodology for undertaking the scriptwriting and short film production, as well as the detailed work plan showing ability to achieve the milestones within the timelines. Illustrative storyboards, visualizations, or a draft treatment for at least one video short of no more than 5 pages should also be provided.40
3Past work: Quality of samples of at least one of the following works: a film script, a film, infographics, animations, character studies, and video productions directly produced by the applicant (please provide links when appropriate).30