Social Media Consultant

The Carter Center

Consultant – Social Media Analyst


The Carter Center is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.  Through this call for applications, we are seeking qualified candidates for inclusion on a roster of consultants to serve as Social Media Analysts in upcoming international election observation missions. In 2019, The Carter Center plans to deploy a number of international missions that will include social media monitoring and analysis as a key component of the programming. By responding to this call for applications, you will be added to a roster of potential analysts that may be contacted regarding upcoming missions in countries to be determined.

The Analyst will liaise regularly with the Center’s headquarters in Atlanta and report directly to an Associate Director in the Center’s Democracy Program (in Atlanta).


 The Social Media Analyst will be responsible for the following:

Methodology Development

  • In consultation with Carter Center staff, contribute to the methodological framework for monitoring social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.,) to monitor the use of social media in the elections and its impact;
  • Provide guidelines for assessing relevant supervisory bodies’ capacity and role in regulation of the internet and online campaign in specific elections;
  • Contribute to guidelines and training content for other media assistants/monitors as necessary.

Strategy Development

  • Contribute to overall social media analysis strategy, research tools, and reporting mechanisms and liaise with a small team to implement the project;
  • Strategize meetings to be held between country experts and relevant stakeholders to analyze situations in specific countries regarding digital communications. Participate in meetings on behalf of the Center. This may include meeting with institutions, agencies, internet activists, academics, social media and social network companies, domestic election observer organizations, and civil society groups active in the protection of digital rights and social network monitoring.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • In liaison with other members of the team, assist in conducting a comprehensive analysis of internet regulation in specific countries as necessary and the online environment in which specific elections are being held. This could include: extent of internet penetration, main social media platforms in use, and the regulatory environment regarding freedom of speech, hate speech, data protection and privacy, political finance, advertising, and disinformation;
  • Monitor elections – presidential, parliamentary and local – through qualitative analysis of various social media platforms. This includes use of social media to campaign, extent of campaign advertising, disinformation efforts, illegal campaigning, and security issues;
  • Assess specific country fulfilment of commitments related freedom of opinion, expression and association, as well as the right to privacy online;
  • Monitor complaints and appeals related to online election campaigning and online content, the way they are dealt with by the competent authorities (deadlines, appropriate sanctions, enforcement mechanisms, etc.). This could be at country or internal level;
  • Follow and assess the monitoring of social networks by citizen observers’ groups and other civil society organizations in specific countries;
  • Monitor hate speech in social media and its correlation with electoral violence;
  • In liaison with team members:
    • Assess coverage of women candidates in elections and the manner in which women and socially vulnerable groups are portrayed in social media in relation to the elections;
    • Assess efforts to promote digital literacy and to promote the inclusion of women and other marginalized groups;
    • Assess any barriers to the participation of women and minorities in online debate and campaign;
    • Assess cases or allegations of intimidation or online violence against journalists;
    • Assess the extent of disinformation or illegal campaigning.

Data Management

  • Create social media monitoring databases;
  • Develop a database to track main political and social discourses in the main social media platforms, prior to, during, and after specific election events.

Writing, Reporting and Data Visualization

  • May incorporate quantitative analysis utilizing data analysis tools for social media;
  • Produce accurate and timely written reports;
  • Draft final report with findings and assessments of the use of social media during the elections and its impact, highlighting key challenges and incidents, and assessing the findings against international standards and best practices;
  • Draft an internal lessons-learned document regarding the monitoring of social media in complex electoral environments, including recommendations and guidelines for future election observation missions.

Please send a CV/Resume, together with a cover letter explaining how your profile and experience match the job requirements, via email to with the subject line, Social Media Analyst.