Recruitment Notice: PROJECT LEAD

Temporary Position Contingent on Funding

The Carter Center, with support from the Government of Sweden, has been building the capacity of Liberia Election Observation Network (LEON) to observe and advocate on the electoral and democratic process since early 2017. LEON is an umbrella organization with national coverage and a presence in Liberia’s 15 counties and 73 electoral districts. LEON observed the 2017 general elections, five subsequent by-elections, and the recent Liberia senatorial election. The network is a recognized and respected voice on election-related matters and has built on this reputation to advocate for reform on election-related issues. It has also conducted surveys on matters related to public perceptions of elections and political parties, which provide valuable evidence of some of the challenges to deepening democratic practices in Liberia and are helping shape policy. The project entitled “Strengthening Citizen Voices to Advance Electoral Reform and Democratic Governance” focuses on six main areas of activity: advocacy on electoral reform; engagement on constitutional reforms; observation of legislative by-elections as and when they occur; monitoring the legislative branch to improve transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement; conducting surveys and discussion groups to ensure citizen input on legislative and government programs; and using surveys results to assess the effectiveness of government programs.

Pending availability of funds, the Center is now recruiting a highly qualified individual for a Project Lead position with primary responsibility for project management and providng technical assistance to partner organization(s).

To read more about the Carter Center’s current and past work in Liberia, please visit:

Details of Position:

The Center is seeking a highly-qualified individual for a project lead position to provide continued technical support to our civil society partner to design, manage, and implement a range of activities in Liberia. The Project Lead will serve in the partner organization’s headquarters office in Liberia with travel throughout the interior of Liberia. This independent contractor position is contingent on the availability of funds, initially anticipated for up to three years. Salary is commensurate with experience.  The position is anticipated to deploy to Liberia in August 2021.

Applicants should have 7-10 years of senior-level experience implementing civil society support projects, including domestic election observation missions and democracy and governance programs, ideally in sub-Saharan Africa. Knowledge of program design, election observation methodology, and organizational capacity building is required. English language proficiency is essential. Background in Liberian politics and culture is highly desirable, and experience with states in the ECOWAS region. Leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, and the ability to provide advice and guidance regarding democracy promotion and sustainable peace as well as organizational strength and project implementation are strongly encouraged.  

Responsibilities in Brief:

  1. Manage the Center’s civil society support project with LEON.
  2. Manage programmatic, operational, and logistical project needs for the project, in coordination with other Carter Center staff supporting other TCC projects;
  3. Support implementation of project workplan, including activities in advocacy for election reform, observation of by-elections, design, and implementation of surveys on key issues, and district-level surveys related to legislative performance;
  4. Establish and maintain ongoing liaison with government officials, electoral commission representatives, political party leaders and candidates, NGO and civil society leaders, domestic election observation groups, security officials, media, and the diplomatic and donor community as appropriate.
  5. Provide political and electoral analysis to The Carter Center on programmatic, operational, and substantive issues. Key points should be included in regular written reports (weekly), update memos, and oral briefings as needed to the Center’s Atlanta staff.
  6. Oversee the management of national staff team members and field office policies and procedures relating to staff, office, computer use, transportation requests, communications, etc.
  7. Maintain fiduciary responsibility for all field office project funds in accordance with budget limitations and donor grant requirements. Supervise field office financial reporting to ensure appropriate management and monitoring of field office operational funds in accordance with Carter Center procedures, including completion of field office monthly financial reports. Become a signatory on Carter Center bank accounts as necessary.
  8. Supervise procurement of contracts, equipment, services, and other needs to facilitate the implementation of the project;
  9. Conduct an organizational assessment, and provide technical assistance on identified areas to strengthen the capacity of LEON and its member organizations;
  10. Conduct workshops on substantive programmatic areas, including The Carter Center’s Democratic Election Standards (DES) methodology
  11. Complete other program design and implementation duties, as needed.

Please send a cover letter, CV, and a list of references with the subject line “Liberia Project Lead” to the contact information provided below. Please note that applications received after June 25 will not be considered.

The Carter Center

453 John Lewis Freedom Parkway

Atlanta, Georgia 30307


Note: Due to the large volume of applicants, the Center is not able to respond to all candidates.  No phone calls or in-person contacts will be entertained.