Considerations for Coordination Among Verifiers of Election Information

Written by Avery Davis-Roberts

1 April 2021

From the Overview

In October 2019, Hacks/Hackers and The Carter Center hosted a one-day working meeting on “Verifying Election Information.” The topics discussed included the need for greater cooperation among those who include the verification of election-related information in their core responsibilities: journalists, fact-checkers, human rights monitors and international and citizen election observers — professional communities that were represented at the meeting.

The considerations for coordination among “verifiers of election information” outlined below are drawn from the collective wisdom of that group and discussions during that meeting, as well as during a subsequent online workshop, held in October 2020, at which an initial draft of this document was shared. This document provides an outline of the potential opportunities and challenges for coordination around elections among these diverse professional communities, as well as a number of practical steps for cooperation going forward.

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